Guitarist + Sideman + Production

All Genres + All Situations

Motivated, inspired, disciplined music lover
+ Bachelor and Master of music degrees in performance
+ Years of performance experience on the road and in the studio

= Gary Melvin   (read more)

What do I sound like?  Listen to audio examples below in a variety of genres and styles.

All audio was produced in-house, by me, thus also serving as production demonstrations.

Hard Rock

Power chords, big drums, dueling guitar solos. Hitting hard throughout.


Quintessential groove, supportive guitars, harmonic fills.

Riff Rock

Aggressive guitars, nothing but riffs, no-nonsense rock... and a guitar solo to boot.

Epic Film Score

Wall of sound, driving drums, soaring guitar solo.


70s synths, 80s drums, funky guitars. A melodic guitar solo takes it out.


Classic double-shuffle, pocket rhythm guitars, tasteful solo.


Rich steel string guitars, cavernous bass drum, glockenspiel and clapping hands.

Retro Rock

Bluesy rock, boomy drums, gritty slide guitar.


Mid-tempo groove, pocket rhythm guitar, wah melody and rhythmic solo.


Slow groove, lush guitars, organ and Rhodes. Emotive vibe.

Fast Funk

Pocket. Guitar & Drums duet. A little busy at times, but that's for the purpose of "showing off."